Cheapest SBC Supercharger

Cheapest SBC Supercharger: Top 5 Picks in 2023

When I was researching how to find the cheapest Supercharger for my SBC 350 engine, I found a lot of information on the internet.

That’s why I put together this guide that I think can help you to find the 5 best and cheapest SBC Supercharger.

Top 5 Cheapest SBC Supercharger

Cheapest SBC Superchargers

These are the top 5 Cheapest SBC Supercharger:

  • Designed to utilize the factory accessory drive belts.
  • Compatible with conventional SBC 302-400 engines.
  • Pulley drive system; 6-Rib 3.75 in.
  • Generates over 500 Horsepower on an SBC engine.
  • Easy installation; equipped with all the material necessary for installation.
  • System type; Edelbrock 122.
  • Has a satin exterior design.

This supercharger from the Edelbrock brand can practically change the course of your SBC vehicle’s performance.

Edelbrock 1551 is a positive displacement supercharger that can produce over 500 HP of power on your SBC engine. This guarantees you maximum performance and overall efficiency.

The supercharger is designed to fit under the hood of most vehicles. It comes with a supercharger assembly with Eaton internals, a belt, an intake manifold fold, some gaskets, and drive pulleys.

All equipment required for the installation of this supercharger comes with it. Thereby making its installation easy.

Since it is not equipped with a carburetor, you can use yours instead.

Cheapest SBC Supercharger


  • Does not work with aftermarket serpentine pulley systems.
  • Not equipped with a carburetor.
  • Can only fit on SBCs equipped with long water pumps and a stock-style bracketry.

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2. Weiand 7582P 6-71 Supercharger Kit- Polished

  • State-of-the-art design with vintage styling.
  • Equipped with matched gear seats which ensure accurate rotor alignment.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Tested to ensure maximum power and efficiency output.
  • CNC machined case and rotors.
  • Produces over 50 percent horsepower and torque across the rpm range.

Weiand 6-71 supercharger is highly sought after because of its exquisite design and efficiency.

With this supercharger, you can be guaranteed maximum horsepower production and efficiency for your SBC vehicle.

The supercharger kit is capable of producing over 50 percent horsepower and torque through the rpm range.

Each weiand 6-71 supercharger has been tested to ensure maximum power production and efficiency.

3. Edelbrock 15192 E-Force Stage-1 Street Systems Supercharger

  • Compatible with Chevy/GMC.
  • Has a satin exterior design.
  • Produces up to 528 HP and 496 torque.
  • Available for 6.2 L engines.
  • Equipped with a cast water crossover.

Edelbrock’s E-Force supercharger system is compatible with the 2017 Chevy/GMC. It has a redesigned manifold that houses its Eaton motors.

The supercharger possesses an inverted design that removes air upwards and a cast water crossover which is secured to the manifold.

Edelbrock’s 15192 E-Force supercharger guarantees you maximum power output. It is capable of generating 528 HP and 496 torque at the rear wheels.

4. Edelbrock 1556 Supercharger

  • Produces a maximum horsepower of 242 RW.
  • Generates a maximum torque of 186 RW ft-lb.
  • Pulley; 6-Rib 3.25 in.
  • Has a maximum pressure boost of 9psi.
  • Possesses an Eaton TVS 1320 rotor.
  • Unique inverted design.
  • Maximum power and efficiency output.
  • Appealing satin exterior finish.

The shorter air passage feature of this supercharger improves the airflow and overall performance of the engine.

Edelbrock’s 1556 supercharger also features a large dual air-to-water intercooler and a heat exchanger.

These features enable Edelbrock’s 1556 to provide you with maximum performance and efficiency.

In addition, its exterior features a durable, black-powder coating along with red accents; thereby giving it a unique and perfect finish.

5. A1 Cardone 2R-702 Remanufactured Supercharger

  • Easy installation; it is equipped with gaskets and mounting hardware required for its installation.
  • High-quality tested units.
  • Provides instant power and maximum efficiency.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Longer life span.
  • “Good as new” parts and features.

Cardone’s 2R-702 supercharger guarantees you maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Having gone through tests to prove its quality, this supercharger has been proven to be of high quality.

Though this is a remanufactured supercharger, it provides you with long-lasting life, better performance, and reliability.

All its bearings, seals, mating surfaces, wheels, shafts, and corresponding bores have been renewed/replaced. Thereby making it good as new.

Cardone’s 2R-702 supercharger is remanufactured to fit perfectly with your SBC vehicle.

The method of installation is made easy with the help of the gaskets and mounting hardware that come with this supercharger.

Cardone’s 2R-702 is also the cheapest SBC supercharger on the list.

How Much HP Does A Supercharger Add To A 350 SBC?

On an average scale, a supercharger should be able to add a power boost of about 46 percent to the SBC 350 engine’s original horsepower specification.

Approximately, this should amount to about 100-125 extra horsepower.

When selecting the cheapest SBC supercharger, its horsepower production specification is a major factor you need to consider.

What Does A Supercharger Do To Gas Mileage In An SBC?

Superchargers reduce the gas mileage in an SBC.

To increase the air intake, superchargers have to compress a greater amount of air.

Thereby consuming more fuel to generate additional horsepower during combustion.

For this reason, supercharged engines are likely to have a lower fuel management/efficiency ability.

How Much Horsepower Does A Supercharger Add In A Stock Chevy 350 Engine?

On a stock Chevy engine, a supercharger should be able to add about 100-120 HP.

Still not satisfied with this?

There are still ways you can boost the horsepower production of your Chevy 350 even if you own the cheapest SBC supercharger on amazon.

Adding a mild blower cam with a 112 love center, a bigger carburetor, and a fair number of engine head sets can get the horsepower production of your stock Chevy 350 engine climbing to 450-475 HP and a torque of 450 ft-lb.

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Ensure that while searching for the cheapest SBC supercharger for your vehicle, you are also putting other important factors (HP and torque specs, compatibility, durability) into consideration.

I hope that with the help of this article, you will be a step away from getting the most effective and cheapest SBC supercharger for your vehicle.

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