About Us

Our remanufacturing engine plants were established over thirty years ago. We built 145 long blocks our first year in business and now exceed 5,000 engine units a year.

We are committed to the continual education of the after-market engine industry. The automotive industry is like the computer industry, last year’s engine is obsolete. We belong to the Production Engine Rebuilders and Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association. Both of these national organizations offer blueprints and the technology of the latest engines.

Some of our customers: NAPA, Car Quest, Cummins N.W., Mar Lack Automotive Dist., Republic Automotive(Alaska), Dr. Motorworx(a national chain of installers), and many others…

We are a privately owned company, and our employee dedication is phenomenal. The newest member of our company has been here for over eight years, the average employee has over fifteen years experience as an engine machinist. Mike has been a crankshaft grinder for 22 yrs, Darrin has bored cylinder blocks for 9 yrs, Ray has honed cylinder blocks for, 15 years, Bow has assembled cylinder heads for 27 yrs, Bob has machined cylinder heads for 19 yrs, David & Pete have both assembled engines for 22 years, These are just a few examples of the knowledge and experience of our 38 employees that make our product exemplary.

Our company has maintained a personal relationship with customers and employees and has maintained an unprecedented 1.7% warranty rate. (6% is the national average)

Our Chevy Engines are Built To Improve Not Just Replace!

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