4l60e Transmission Problems After Rebuild

4l60e Transmission Problems After Rebuild: Symptoms & Fixes

Are you experiencing 4l60e transmission problems after rebuild? Well, you are not alone in this.

A friend of mine dealt with this issue some time ago after he rebuilt his 4l60e transmission.

While testing it, the transmission started exhibiting some problems. At that time, I helped him to fix his 4l60e transmission’s problems after rebuild.

Though fixing it was a bit stressful and tricky, it was worth the effort.

In this article, we discuss various 4l60e transmission problems after rebuild, their symptoms, and fixes.

Top 5 4l60e Transmission Problems After Rebuild

4L60E Transmission Problems After Rebuild

These are the Top 5 4l60e Transmission Problems After Rebuild & how to Troubleshoot and fix them:

1. 4l60e Transmission Pump Failure

Among all 4l60e transmission problems after rebuild, this is probably the most discomforting. A failing or damaged transmission pump is capable of affecting the overall performance of the transmission system.

4l60e Transmission Pump Failure Symptoms

  • Release of a burning smell.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears.
  • Turning ON of the check engine light.
  • Production of loud whining sounds.

4l60e Transmission Pump Failure Troubleshooting & Fix

  1. Check the transmission fluid level and fill up or replace it if necessary.
  2. Lubricate the gears and sprockets properly.
  3. Getting a professional mechanic to diagnose the cause of the problem will provide tremendous help with fixing this transmission problem.

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2. 4L60E Transmission Slipping

This 4l60e transmission problem after rebuild majorly occurs as a result of a low transmission fluid level or unsuitability of the fluid.


  • Abrupt turn on of the check engine light.
  • Production of screeching or whining noises.
  • The inability of the car to go into certain gears.
  • Sluggishness of the vehicle during acceleration.
  • Production of a burning smell.


  1. Use a dipstick to check the level of the transmission fluid. Top it up if it’s low or drain and replace the fluid if it’s old.
  2. If the transmission fluid is okay, check for any problem with the torque converter, clutch, transmission solenoid, bands, and gears. In this case, rebuilding the transmission is suggested.

3. 4L60E Transmission Shift Solenoid Problems

A problem with the transmission solenoid can cause a compilation of other transmission problems. So, as soon as you discover an issue with your solenoid, fix it promptly.


Irregular shifting.
Inability to shift the transmission into a lower gear.
Production of extreme voltage.
An extreme temperature of the transmission.


Since this transmission problem occurs as a result of a variety of factors, rebuilding the transmission is the best method of tackling this issue.

4. 4L60E Transmission Won’t Move In Any Gear:

When your transmission is unable to shift gears, a complete loss of transmission fluid or a pump failure could be the cause.


  • Low fluid level in the vehicle.
  • Inability of the transmission to shift into any gear.
  • Production of a burning smell.


  1. Check the fluid level of the vehicle. If it’s low, fill it up, but drain and replace the fluid with a fresh one if it is old.
  2. If the problem is a result of a pump failure, a pump replacement should be carried out.

5. 4L60E Transmission Noise Problems

Transmission noises usually occur while a shift to the first or reverse gear is performed. This 4l60e transmission problem after rebuild is usually caused by poor lubrication.


Production of grinding or screeching sounds.


Proper lubrication of the transmission should help in fixing this issue.

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Best 4L60E Rebuild Kit

Chevy 4L60E Transmission Alto Master Level 2 Rebuild Kit 2004-On

Alto’s high-quality 4l60e transmission rebuild kit is efficient and cost-effective. The rebuild kit features; bonded pistons, extension housing bushing, steel clutches, friction clutches, O rings, pump bushing, metal clad seals, filter, sealing rings, and bands which help to fix 4l60e transmission problems after rebuild easily and effectively.

4L60E Transmission Shift Solenoid

4L60E Remanufactured Trans Master Solenoid Kit

GJ’s transmission shift solenoid is compatible with the 4l60e model automatic transmission 2003. It is of premium quality and its installation process is pretty easy. The product itself is reliable and durable. Its cost-effectiveness and efficiency make it all the more perfect for your 4l60e transmission.

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4L60E Troubleshooting PDF

This is the 4L60E Troubleshooting PDF.

4L60E Troubleshooting Chart

This is the 4L60E Troubleshooting Chart:

4L60E Troubleshooting Chart

How Much to Rebuild 4L60E Transmission?

A 4l60e transmission rebuild should cost about $300-$500 if you are doing it yourself.

On the other hand, getting a professional to do the job should cost about $1000-$4000. An already rebuilt transmission should cost about $2000 (hiring and installation cost included).

You should figure out the costs mentioned above to avoid monetary 4L60E Transmission Problems After Rebuild.

How to Rebuild a 4L60E Automatic Transmission?

Rebuild a 4L60E Automatic Transmission

Follow these steps to Rebuild a 4L60E Automatic Transmission:

  1. Dismantle the transmission unit; detach the rear seal from the extension shell. Take out of the output shaft, the output speed sensor, the extension housing, and the yoke seal.
  1. Use GM special tools to loosen the bolts holding the oil pump to avoid damaging the pump case. Then, remove the pump from its case.
  1. Dismantle the reverse and input drums; take out the washer, 3-4 clutch snap rings, and the steel plates. Use a repaired pump gear to turn the input drums over and hit it on the bench while holding it on the turbine shaft. Then, remove the five boost spring assemblies and the forward spray assembly.
  1. Change the spring case across the overrunning piston with a new one.
  1. Clean the reverse drum properly and ensure that it is still in a good condition.
  1. Clean, inspect and label the disassembled parts. Then, prepare them for reassembly.
  1. Clean and inspect the valve body and other items under the transmission oil pan. Ensure that all faulty parts are replaced or fixed before commencing reassembly.
  1. Install the front seal and a new bushing in the housing, and assemble the oil pump.
  1. Install the transmission mount and hold it in place by torquing its bolts properly.
  1. Reassemble other dismantled parts of the transmission.
  2. Attach a new O-ring to the output sensor and fix any external shaft lever that came with it.

How Long to Rebuild a 4L60E Transmission?

A 4l60e transmission rebuild can be completed within a duration of about one to three or four days; depending on the labor, and the level of damage to the transmission.

Since it takes so much time, you should consider 4L60E Transmission Problems After Rebuild before you decide to rebuild.

How Long Should a Rebuilt 4L60E Last?

Judging averagely, a rebuilt 4l60e transmission should last for 30000-50000 miles. In a case where the rebuild was performed excellently and the rebuild is properly maintained, the transmission can last as long as the original (about 120000-200000 miles).

What Causes a 4L60E Transmission Not to Shift?

The 4l60e transmission shift problem is usually caused by:

  • A faulty throttle position sensor.
  • Leakage in the second gear circuit.
  • Failure of the EPC solenoid.
  • Boost valve leakage.
  • Clogging of the EPC filter screen.

What Goes Bad in a 4L60E Transmission?

These things could go bad in a 4L60E Transmission:

  • Failure of the reverse gear.
  • The inability of the transmission to shift to a higher gear.
  • Production of loud noises.
  • Malfunctioning of the 3-4 clutches.

What Makes a 4L60E Transmission Slip?

A 4l60e transmission slip is usually caused by a low level or expiry of the transmission fluid.


4l60e transmission problems after rebuild can be difficult, but with a proper guide, you will be able to fix these problems yourself.

I hope that this article has been helpful enough to guide you with fixing your 4l60e transmission problems after rebuild.

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