Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350 Engine

Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350 Engine: 5 Top Picks

Upgrading your Chevy 350 with a performance camshaft can significantly boost engine efficiency and power.

This classic engine, popular since 1955, benefits greatly from such modifications, especially when the camshaft’s profile is carefully chosen to match your performance goals.

My research identifies the best performance cam for Chevy 350, focusing on power, efficiency, and ease of installation.

Top 5 Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350

These are the top 5 Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350:

Brand & ModelBuy LinkOverall ImpressionLift (Intake/Exhaust)
JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP Stage 4 Camshaft KitCheck PriceGreat performance boost for budget-conscious buyers but requires careful installation.0.480
Lunati Voodoo 10120703LKCheck PriceSuitable for performance applications, enhances power and torque in mid to high RPM range0.489/0.504
COMP Cams CL12-212-2 Magnum 224/224Check PriceIdeal for street machines with modifications, provides high RPM power, rough idle0.480/0.480
JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Kit (MC1730)Check PriceSuitable for a balance of performance and drivability, specific details are inferred but not confirmed0.420/0.433
Edelbrock Performer Plus 2102Check PriceIdeal for enhancing low to mid-range torque, good for daily driving and light performance applications0.420/0.442

Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350 Reviews

These are my reviews of the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350:

1. JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP Stage 4 Camshaft Kit

Best Performance Cams for Chevy 350

For budget-conscious buyers seeking performance improvements, we believe this JAMSI camshaft kit is a perfect fit for a Chevy 350 engine.


  • Noticeable power increase
  • Quality components
  • Reasonably priced


  • Possible inconsistency in lifter quality
  • Timing gears might not be a perfect match
  • Requires meticulous installation process

Our experience with the JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 Stage 4 camshaft kit left us pleasantly surprised, especially considering its budget-friendly price point. We noticed a significant improvement in our engine’s performance after installing this kit, and the components seemed to be of good quality overall.

However, it’s essential to be aware of some potential drawbacks. During our installation, we encountered a few issues with the lifters. One of the lifters was missing from the kit, and a couple of others appeared to have fallen apart straight out of the box. While this may not be a universal experience for every user, it is worth considering when purchasing the product.

Another concern we had was a slight mismatch in the timing gears’ tolerance during installation. This issue might not be a deal-breaker for most users, but it’s essential to be extra cautious when installing the kit to prevent any damage or performance issues.

In conclusion, the JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 Stage 4 camshaft kit provides a considerable performance boost at an affordable price. Given the potential issues with lifters and timing gears, we recommend this kit to users who don’t mind some extra attention to detail during the installation process. By purchasing this product, you can be confident in enhancing your Chevy 350 engine while staying on a budget.

2. Lunati Voodoo Camshaft Lifter Kit for Small Block Chevy

Overall, this Voodoo Camshaft Lifter Kit offers stellar performance and power for a Chevy 350 engine, but may require some additional upgrades.


  • Impressive power gains
  • Compatible with up to 200 HP nitrous
  • High-quality build


  • Low vacuum, may need a mechanical curve kit
  • Requires other modifications to optimize performance
  • Not ideal for those seeking maximum fuel efficiency

We recently tried the Lunati Voodoo Camshaft Lifter Kit on our small block Chevy, and we’re quite impressed with the performance improvements it provided. Specifically, it delivered significant power gains and had no issues when used with nitrous of up to 200 HP. Additionally, the build quality of the kit is top-notch, ensuring that it will last and perform consistently over time.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this camshaft kit that potential buyers should consider. First and foremost, the kit produces very little vacuum, and as such, it is difficult to use with a vacuum advance. Instead, we recommend purchasing a mechanical curve kit to address this issue. Secondly, to fully reap the benefits of the Voodoo Camshaft Lifter Kit, additional modifications, such as a 2800 converter and a high-rise dual plane intake, are necessary. While this might be a downside for some, this extra versatility allows the kit to be tailored to one’s specific performance needs.

Lastly, while the Lunati Voodoo Camshaft Lifter Kit is designed for those who prioritize performance and power, it is not ideal for those who are most concerned with fuel efficiency. If you’re looking for the best performance cam for your Chevy 350 with a focus on power gains and are willing to make some additional modifications, this kit is certainly an excellent choice.

3. JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Cam

A solid choice for Chevy 350 owners seeking improved torque and performance – JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Cam delivers.


  • Noticeable torque enhancement
  • Adjustable timing kit included
  • Compatible with Chevy 350 engines


  • Additional components may be required
  • Not optimal for racing enthusiasts
  • Installation can be challenging for inexperienced users

As automotive enthusiasts, we know that upgrading the camshaft in your Chevy 350 engine can result in considerable performance enhancement. The JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Cam Lifters Adjustable Timing Kit Torque MC1730 has been our recent go-to for obtaining noticeable torque improvements.

This product includes an adjustable timing kit, which provides versatility and makes it even more convenient for tuning the engine according to our preferences. Compatibility-wise, the JAMSI camshaft fits the bill for those with Chevy 350 engines.

On the downside, for those seeking racing-level performance, this JAMSI camshaft might be a tad lackluster. While it does improve the engine’s torque, it may not satisfy the high adrenaline requirements of racing enthusiasts.

One thing to keep in mind, while installing the JAMSI camshaft, is that it might require additional components for a complete and flawless setup. Some of you could find this extra step daunting, especially if you are not familiar with engine upgrades.

In conclusion, the JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Cam Lifters Adjustable Timing Kit Torque MC1730 is a reliable option for Chevy 350 owners looking to enhance their engine’s torque without breaking the bank. While it may not be the ultimate racing upgrade, JAMSI provides significant performance improvements and convenient adjustable timing for casual drivers and automotive enthusiasts alike.

4. COMP Cams 4605 Cam Lock Plate for Chevrolet V8

We highly recommend the COMP Cams 4605 Cam Lock Plate for Chevrolet V8 owners looking for reliable cam bolt security at any RPM level.


  • Effective at any RPM level or load
  • Prevents cam bolts from backing out
  • Comes with high-strength bolts


  • Universal fit may require adjustments for some engines
  • Bendable locking tabs might be tricky for beginners
  • Not suitable for non-Chevrolet V8 engines

We recently had the chance to use the COMP Cams 4605 Cam Lock Plate in our Chevy 350 engine rebuild and can vouch for its performance and effectiveness. This cam lock plate is designed to prevent cam bolts from backing out, ensuring optimal engine performance regardless of RPM level or load. It comes with bendable locking tabs and special high-strength bolts, providing peace of mind for high-performance applications.

The universal fit of this cam lock plate means it’s suitable for a wide range of Chevrolet V8 engines; however, some adjustments might be required depending on the specific engine. We didn’t face any significant issues with fitment, but we can see how it might be a concern for those with less experience in engine rebuilding. That said, the installation process was relatively straightforward for us, and the included high-strength bolts held up well.

As this cam lock plate is designed specifically for Chevrolet V8 engines, it won’t be suitable for use with other engine types. Nonetheless, the COMP Cams 4605 offers excellent value for Chevy 350 enthusiasts looking to improve their engine’s performance and reliability.

In conclusion, the COMP Cams 4605 Cam Lock Plate for Chevrolet V8 is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a simple and effective solution to prevent cam bolts from backing out. With its universal fit, high-strength bolts, and effectiveness at any RPM level, this cam lock plate provides peace of mind and improved performance for Chevy 350 owners.

5. JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Camshaft

The JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Camshaft delivers both power and torque, making it a top choice for Chevy 350 owners.


  • Excellent fit and compatibility
  • Increases engine efficiency and power
  • Smooth installation process


  • Not suitable for fuel-injected engines
  • May require additional components
  • Limited customer reviews

We recently installed the JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Camshaft in one of our Chevy 350s and were thoroughly impressed by the results. It was compatible with our engine and was delivered promptly. With its precision fit, the camshaft improves engine efficiency, resulting in a significant power boost.

While the installation process was smooth and straightforward, we found that this camshaft is not suitable for fuel-injected engines. This can be a concern for some owners, so please verify your engine type before proceeding with this product. We also discovered that additional components such as lifters and timing kits might be necessary for the perfect fit.

Although it is ranked #47 in Automotive Replacement Engine Cam & Lifter Kits and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, the JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 Camshaft has only ten customer reviews. We believe in the quality of this product and would appreciate more feedback from the community.

In conclusion, the JAMSI Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP RV 420/433 Camshaft is a great option for those looking to improve their Chevy 350’s performance. Just keep in mind the compatibility limitations and the potential need for additional components during installation.

Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350 Buying Guide

This is the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350 buying guide:

1. Lift and Duration

The two most important factors to consider when purchasing a performance cam are lift and duration. The lift refers to the height the valve is lifted off its seat, while the duration is the length of time the valve remains open. Both of these aspects have a significant impact on the performance and power of your engine.

To better illustrate these factors, here’s a simple table:

AttributeDefinitionEffect on Performance
LiftHeight the valve is lifted off its seatHigher lift = Increased air/fuel flow
DurationLength of time the valve remains openLonger duration = Increased power at higher RPMs

2. Lobe Separation Angle

Another crucial feature to consider is the Lobe Separation Angle (LSA). The LSA is the angle between the centerlines of the intake and exhaust lobes on the camshaft. A narrower LSA will provide a more aggressive powerband, while a wider LSA will give a smoother power curve with higher peak torque. Generally, a performance cam has an LSA between 106 and 114 degrees.

3. Cam Material

The camshaft’s material is also essential to consider when selecting the best performance cam for your Chevy 350. There are three common materials used for camshafts: cast iron, billet steel, and composite. Cast iron cams are typically more affordable but may not be suitable for high-performance applications. Billet steel cams offer excellent durability and performance but may be costly and heavier. Composite cams have the benefits of both materials: durability and lighter weight but can also be expensive.

4. Potential Trade-offs

When upgrading your camshaft, it’s essential to be aware of potential trade-offs in your vehicle’s performance. For example, a high-performance cam might offer peak power at higher RPMs but decrease low-end torque, making your vehicle less responsive during everyday driving. Additionally, an aggressive cam profile may result in a rougher idle, increased valve train noise, and reduced fuel efficiency.

In conclusion, choosing the best performance cam for your Chevy 350 involves carefully considering lift, duration, LSA, cam material, and the potential trade-offs involved. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision and optimize your vehicle’s performance.

These are some of the best performance cams for your Chevy 350, all with different specifications to cater to your specific needs. When choosing, consider the duration and lift, as these will affect your engine’s power and efficiency. The duration @ 0.050″ indicates the time the valve remains open, which affects horsepower and torque production, while lift represents the total valve movement.

It’s essential to also pay attention to the RPM range of each cam, as this determines where the cam will be most effective. The Lobe Separation Angle (LSA) influences powerband width, idle quality, and valve overlap. A wider LSA provides a smoother idle, while a narrower angle delivers more valve overlap, which helps with scavenging at higher RPMs.

Finally, always double-check the compatibility of the chosen performance cam with your engine and other components, including your exhaust system and valvetrain. Proper installation and tuning will ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Chevy 350 engine.

How to Choose the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350

Consider these points to choose the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350:

  1. Vehicle Purpose: First and foremost, determine the primary use of your Chevy 350. The cam you choose should align with your driving needs. Are you aiming for a daily driver, a weekend racer, or perhaps a tow truck? Each of these purposes will require a different type of cam with distinct specifications. Knowing your car’s primary use will help narrow down your options.
  2. Cam Specs: Performance cams come with various specifications that ultimately affect your engine’s behavior, such as lift, duration, and lobe separation.
  • Lift refers to how far the valve opens. A higher lift allows more air and fuel to enter the combustion chamber, contributing to increased power. However, too much lift can cause valve or piston damage.
  • Duration measures the amount of time the valve stays open. A longer duration cam will result in a more significant power gain but will also move the powerband higher in the RPM range, making the vehicle less street-friendly.
  • Lobe separation affects torque, horsepower, and engine vacuum. Wider lobe separation delivers smoother idle, while narrower separation provides a lumpier idle and enhanced low-RPM torque.

3. Compatibility: Ensure the cam you select is compatible with the rest of your engine components. Upgrading your camshaft will likely require matching upgrades to your valve springs, cylinder heads, or rocker arms. Also, consider whether you will need to make adjustments to your fuel system or replace your torque converter in the case of an automatic transmission.

4. Budget: Performance cams come in a range of prices. Be sure to set a budget for not only the camshaft itself but also the accompanying upgrades and labor costs. The goal is to achieve the best performance without emptying your wallet.

To choose the best performance cam for your Chevy 350, keep these factors in mind, and do your research.

FAQs on the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350

These are the most frequently asked questions on the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350:

What are the top camshafts for low end torque?

When seeking the best camshafts for low-end torque, we recommend looking into the COMP Cams CL12-600-04 or the Edelbrock 2102 Performer Plus. These camshafts offer optimized durations and lift profiles that cater to low-RPM performance while still offering drivability.

What is the ideal cam upgrade for a stock 350?

For a stock 350, we suggest the COMP Cams 12-249-4 Xtreme Energy or Edelbrock 2102 Performer Plus. Both camshafts provide enhanced performance across the RPM range without requiring significant additional modifications. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preference and goals.

Which aggressive cam is suitable for a Chevy 350?

If you’re looking for an aggressive cam for your Chevy 350, the COMP Cams CL12-242-2 Xtreme Energy and the Lunati 10120702LK Voodoo are excellent contenders. These cams offer high lift and duration, delivering more horsepower and torque. However, keep in mind that aggressive cams may require additional modifications to your engine.

What cam options work best for a Chevy 350 4×4?

For a Chevy 350 4×4, we recommend cams optimized for low-end torque performance, such as the COMP Cams CL12-600-4 or the Edelbrock 2102 Performer Plus. A focus on torque will provide better performance off-road and while towing, as 4×4 vehicles typically demand higher torque at lower RPM.

What horsepower gain can be expected with a Stage 3 comp cam?

The horsepower gain from a Stage 3 comp cam mostly depends on the specific engine setup and the supporting modifications. On average, gains can range from 40-60 horsepower, but it’s essential to ensure your engine components can handle the added performance.

Can a rough idle cam be installed in a stock 350?

Yes, a rough idle cam can be installed in a stock 350. However, it’s essential to consider other factors such as the carburetor, intake manifold, and exhaust system to ensure optimal performance. Keep in mind that a rough idle cam will generally have a lopey idle, which may require adjustments to your tuning and idle control.


I hope you now can select the Best Performance Cam for Chevy 350 engine.

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