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Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy Engine: Top 5 Reviews

The heart of a Chevy 350’s performance lies in its carburetor, which can make or break its power and efficiency.

In this guide, we delve into the top 5 Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy, meticulously selected to elevate your engine’s capabilities.

From street cruising to high-octane racing, discover the key to unlocking your vehicle’s true potential.

Top 5 Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy

These are the 5 best Carburetor for 350 Chevy:

Partol 2 Barrel Carburetor for Chevrolet Chevy Small Block EnginesCheck PriceChevrolet Chevy Small Block Engines 1970-1980, 350/5.7L 1970-1975 400/6.6L2 BarrelLarge Base
Auto Parts Prodigy Store Carburetor For Type Rochester 2GC 2 BarrelCheck PriceChevrolet Chevy Small Block Engines 5.7L 350 6.6L 4002 BarrelLarge Base
NENKUTEN New 4 Barrel Carburetor for 1901R Rochester Quadrajet 4MVCheck PriceChevy 1980-1989 305-350c.i Engines4 BarrelElectric Choke, 750 CFM, Vacuum Secondary with Gaskets Jets Plugs
LOREADA Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor 4 BarrelCheck PriceChevy 350 327 396 400 402 427 454 Engines Car and Chevrolet GMC Trucks 1966-19734 Barrel750CFM Q-Jet Carb w/Gasket Kit Manual Divorced Choke
4 Barrel Carburetor Carb For 1901R Rochester Quadrajet 4MV Chevy EngineCheck PriceChevy Engine 327 350 427 454 1966-19734 Barrel750 CFM, Vacuum Secondary, Manual Divorced Choke

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Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy Reviews

Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy Reviews

These are my individual reviews of the Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy:

1. Edelbrock 1406 Performer

  • 600 CFM, electric choke, square bore flange.
  • Pros: Custom-tuning capabilities, fuel economy, suitable for performance applications.
  • Cons: Limited linkage plates, some missing clamps and filters.

2. Edelbrock 1906 AVS2

  • 650 CFM, designed for small-block and some big-block engines.
  • Features annular flow primary boosters for improved off-idle and cruising performance.
  • Provides smooth transitions from idle to full throttle with improved fuel atomization.
  • Compatible with a variety of intake manifolds.
  • Specs: Satin finish, electric choke, square flange, aluminum material.

3. Holley 0-80457S Model 4160

  • Calibrated for street performance out of the box.
  • Factory preset electric choke.
  • Vacuum secondaries adaptable to various vehicles.
  • Single feed fuel inlet and integrated transmission kick down cable mounting.
  • Vibratory polished aluminum body.
  • 100% wet-flow tested for assured quality.


  • Excellent street performance calibration.
  • Easy startups with electric choke.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Durable and aesthetically appealing aluminum construction.
  • Easy installation with single fuel inlet.
  • 1-year warranty for added assurance.


  • May require additional parts for compatibility with certain vehicle linkages.

4. Edelbrock 1901 Q-Jet Carburetor

The Edelbrock 1901 AV2 Series 500 CFM Carburetor is tailored for small cubic-inch single carb applications, making it a suitable match for the Chevy 350 engine, especially when paired with an Edelbrock Performer or Performer EPS manifold.

Calibrated for single-quad applications, it includes timed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance. It comes factory-equipped with specific metering jets and rods, ensuring optimized performance.


  • Ideal for single carb applications, enhances fuel metering from idle to the main circuit, and consistent performance.


  • Specific to small cubic-inch applications, may not suit all Chevy 350 modifications.

5. 650 Street Demon Carburetor

  • Unique design resembling the Quadrajet, with a small primary bore and a larger secondary bore.
  • Designed to enhance throttle response and provide additional power when needed.
  • Suitable for engines with lower vacuum signals, common in performance-modified setups.
  • Vacuum secondary system for better adaptability to different driving conditions.


  • Improved performance for engines with performance cams and lower vacuum.
  • Crisp throttle response due to smaller primary bore.
  • Provides high-end power with a larger secondary bore.
  • Versatile and suitable for a variety of performance applications.


  • May require specific tuning to match highly modified engine setups.
  • Could be less optimal for stock engines or those without significant modifications.

While changing the carb yourself, ensure you have the comprehensive Chevy 350 Engine Diagram for refrence.

How to Choose the Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy?

Follow these steps to choose the Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy:

  1. Determine the Carburetor Size (CFM): Calculate the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) requirement based on your engine’s displacement and maximum RPM.
  2. Select Between 2-Barrel and 4-Barrel Carburetors: A 4-barrel carburetor is typically better for high-performance needs, while a 2-barrel is sufficient for regular driving.
  3. Choose Choke Type: Decide between an electric choke for automatic adjustment and a manual choke for more control.
  4. Opt for a Reputable Brand: Brands like Holley, Edelbrock, and Rochester are known for quality carburetors.
  5. Vacuum Secondary vs. Mechanical Secondary: Vacuum secondary carburetors are suitable for street use, while mechanical secondary carburetors are better for racing or performance.
  6. Ensure Compatibility: Make sure the carburetor fits with your intake manifold, air cleaner, and fuel system.
  7. Adjustability and Tuning: Consider the ease of tuning and adjustability for your performance needs.
  8. Budget: Balance quality with your budget, aiming for the best you can afford within your price range.

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FAQs on the Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy

These are the most frequently asked questions on the Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy:

What is the Ideal CFM for a 350 Chevy Carburetor?

A 350 Chevy engine requires a carburetor ranging from 600 to 750 CFM for optimal performance.

Can I Use a 4-Barrel Carburetor on a Stock 350 Chevy?

Yes, a 4-barrel carburetor can be used on a stock 350 Chevy because it improves performance, especially in applications requiring higher power output.

How Important is Brand when Choosing the Best Carburetor for SBC 350?

Brand is important as reputable manufacturers like Holley, Edelbrock, and Rochester are known for quality, reliability, and aftermarket support.

Does a More Expensive Carburetor Guarantee Better Performance in an SBC 350 engine?

Not necessarily. While higher-priced carburetors offer more features and adjustability, mid-range models can also provide excellent performance for standard 350 Chevy engines.


In summary, choosing the best carburetor for 350 Chevy engine involves considering factors like CFM rating, choke type, brand, and secondary system type. Whether for regular driving or racing, the right carburetor can significantly enhance your 350 Chevy’s performance and efficiency. This guide aims to help you make an informed decision that matches your engine’s needs and your driving preferences.

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